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The Internet has changed. Websites are used differently today from a few years ago. How has it changed, and what does it mean for your website..?

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Website Designs for Today’s Internet

Here’s how today’s Internet is used:

People live on their social media accounts, exploring on their hand-held devices, viewing pages in portrait orientation.

If they visit your website, they do so because the headline from one of your pages jumped out at them from their social media stream.

They are on your page only to get what was promised in the headline, and there are two possible outcomes:

  1. They immediately got what they were looking for and you have a happy visitor
  2. They could not easily see what they were looking for and they left

How does this affect your website design?

Each page on a website today must be focused, distraction-free and have one specific objective.

If you don’t immediately show your visitor what they came for they will hit that back button and be gone.

Social media has changed the way people use the Internet. . .

. . . so the design of your website must adapt.

Abledragon has been designing and building websites since 2009 and, today, we build them for today’s users.

Although we are based in Hong Kong, we have and support customers in Australia and the UK – we are very happy to work remotely.

Why should you get a website from us?

Because we are a boutique business where everyone (both you and those we work with) is important. Everyone is an individual and is treated as such.

Here are a couple of principles we follow:

1. Don’t Make Me Think!

Graphic of design tools representing aspects of website design and developmentIn the overall process of website design colours, graphics and images can all be changed in the blink of an eye – simply by changing some code.

What takes a lot longer, and is what will decide whether the website is successful or not, is designing the user-experience and customer-journey.

At Abledragon we focus strongly on making sure that your website provides:

  • A good user-experience (meaning it loads quickly, is easy for your visitors to use and delivers on the promise)
  • The smoothest and shortest customer-journey possible (meaning we get your site visitors to your conversion page as quickly and seamlessly as possible)

We capture this approach in the expression ‘Don’t make me think’.

Quite simply, that means that we don’t want your site visitors to have to work out what they need to do next, because we make it intuitively obvious.

When this is done successfully your website will be successful and attract returning customers.

‘Don’t Make Me Think!’ lies at the heart of our design focus.

2. Content factors

image of writing being edited representing the need to correctly structure and tag website contentAlthough design is clearly very important, it is actually your content that will convince (or not!) your site visitors to take the action you want them to – often referred to as conversion.

Correct use of META and semantic tagging requires expertise. It makes a big difference to how your website pages perform in the search results, and how your visitors behave once they arrive.

With our years of experience of writing for the web, we will provide advice and guidance on structuring and wording your content.

This will help your website to do as well as possible in the search results, and your content to convert as well as possible when your visitors get there.

Want more information?

Download a copy of our free guide giving an overview of the steps you need to go through to set up and promote a website – click here.

Fast-loading, clean, bespoke website designs

WordPress LogoWe specialise in clean designs and develop all our websites on WordPress – the most widely used website platform in the world (more than 34% of all websites run on WordPress).

Whether you need:

  • A simple brochure site
  • A profitable membership site
  • A thriving online shop
  • Multiple languages
  • An active forum site
  • News pages
  • Restaurant menus
  • Online reservations/ordering
  • Quizzes or surveys
  • . . .Something else. . .

Whatever your requirements, we’d be delighted to discuss the best way of helping you to achieve them – please:

What questions do you have?

Image of a question mark representing someone with questions about website developmentYou probably have lots of questions – we understand!

Please get in touch – we will answer your questions in plain, simple English and help you to make the right decisions for your website – even if that is not to use us!

But, if you do choose to use us, we can take care of your website project from end-to-end:

  • Securing domain names
  • Setting up fast, secure hosting tailored to your specific needs
  • Designing and building your site (including working with your graphic designers if you prefer)
  • Providing technical support, security monitoring and system maintenance plans (details here)
  • Providing training and consultancy on using WordPress and optimising your site – (details here)

That gives you a one-stop-shop but, of course, we will provide as much or as little as you need.

It may be helpful to see what others have to say about our service. If that would be interesting please click here.

To understand more about how our designs will help your business click here.

How much..?

Counting moneyYou will be wondering about price.

Well, unfortunately, we cannot give you a price without first having a clear understanding of what you want your website to do.

All our sites are bespoke – we don’t offer packages or use pre-made templates, so we sit down with you and discuss your individual requirements in detail.

Here’s how we approach the development (or re-development) of your website: details here.

And here’s how we approach pricing: – details here.

When you choose us as your website provider you’ll be working with a team that delivers a lot more than just a website. We pride ourselves on offering a partnership rather than just a website.

Get yourself a fast, productive, effective website

We would love to discuss your website requirements with you and and come up with a plan – please:

Website Hosting
Hosting is the foundation on which websites are built – give your site a foundation of rock and get a great performance boost (at a great price!): click here.