How Upgrading Your Website Can Stop You Losing Business

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money being cut upAs the web moves to mobile it’s becoming ever more important to ensure that your website renders well on screens of all sizes. We recently did a redesign for a local hair and beauty salon whose old site was just that – old (and not responsive).

Cherdchai’s previous website was nearly 4 years old and the web has changed out of all recognition since it was set up. Think about it: many of the types of mobile devices we use today were not even in the market 4 years ago – tablets, for one (e.g. iPads and the Samsung Galaxy Note range)

Today more than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices. Further, back in April Google introduced an algorithm that penalised websites that are not mobile friendly in the search results.

So Cherdchai was losing searches and, therefore, business, because their site was not mobile-friendly.

It’s not just a case of making the design responsive so that it renders in the best way possible on any screen size, it’s also about things such as the placing of links: these need to be far enough apart that they’re easy to tap accurately for someone using a hand-held device.

There lots of other things to consider when making a responsive site, among them the use of images. Images add enormously to the appeal and message of a website, but they also slow down the speed at which it loads, even on a desktop.

On a hand-held device using a cellular connection, poorly done images can be an absolute killer.

Battery life on hand-held devices is still horribly short, so people searching for information need sites to load quickly and, once loaded, to be able to find what they want quickly.

All these factors need to be taken into consideration on modern websites – because the search engines take them into consideration and rank sites accordingly in the search results!

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Martin Malden

About the author: Martin Malden owns Abledragon, a WordPress agency that was established in 2009. Today it serves customers in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK. Abledragon websites are built for today’s Internet, with the mobile user in mind, and are known for security and speed. Successful Abledragon projects.