Is Your TV Being Used to Generate Distributed Denial of Service Attacks?

Diagram of the Internet of Things Sound too much like science fiction?

Unfortunately not. Anything that is connected to the Internet can be used in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack – as Sucuri has reported.

In that instance Closed Circuit TVs were used – 25,513 of them, scattered around the globe.

So, as the Internet of Things develops and grows, the network of devices that hackers can use to carry out their evil plans just gets bigger and bigger: cameras, fridges, home security systems, air-conditioning systems, heating systems, printers, even your car.

Anything that is connected to the Internet can be hacked and turned into an asset of the hacker. The hackers then use their assets to carry out distributed denial of service attacks, generate spam and carry out any other nasty scheme they come up with.

So how to protect yourself?

As far as your website and computer goes I’ve covered the steps you can take in a number of articles filed under Website Security. The good news is that, while I have not previously talked about things like fridges, TVs and cameras, the same protection principles apply to those.

The two easiest and most obvious are:

  1. Make sure you keep the device’s software up to date and that all security patches are installed
  2. Disconnect the device from the Internet if it’s not in use

If you have a home network remember to keep that properly protected, as well as the individual devices connected to it – the more devices you have connected the more devices can be hijacked by the hackers.

As things like internet TV, internet-enabled cameras and video cameras help us to become more connected, it’s easy to overlook the responsibility we have to ourselves and others to take proper security precautions.

If we don’t take those precautions, and one of our devices is hacked, we’re enabling the hackers to create misery and frustration for their victims.

You can read the full article on the CCTV denial of service attack here.

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Martin Malden

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