It’s always good to hear other people’s views, so here are some of the comments my customers have been kind enough to make:

Ray Heath – Owner, Psychexcite.com

“…I am very pleased with my website psychexcite.com that Martin designed and built for me.

Martin is thoroughly professional and reliable. He communicated clearly throughout, and responded promptly to any queries that I had or support that I needed.

The design is clear, the site is easily navigable, and it looks great. Thanks very much Martin – a first rate job…”

Nicola Hallam – Owner, NicolaHallam.com

“…I recently attempted to set up my own wordpress site after purchasing my own domain with Bluehost but my lack of technical knowledge landed me in hot water. After facing this difficulty, I realised I needed some help getting set up and most likely some technical training.

I found Martin’s site on Facebook, contacted him and arranged a meeting at which I explained what I was looking for. He came back with a detailed quotation the next day and, within a week, everything was fixed up.

Thank you, Martin, for doing such a great job fixing everything up, it has taken a huge pressure off me. I look forward to working with you again as the website evolves…”

Elizabeth Lee – Brand Manager, Misscogirl

“…You have been a great support and partner to work with this past year and I appreciate all the insight, patience and kind understanding you have shown!..”

Tom Mulvey – Managing Director, Asean Security Associates

“…Our company is newly established and we had developed a website that was not as professional as we wanted, so I got in touch with Martin at Abledragon and set up a meeting to discuss how it could be improved. Martin offered honest comments and advice and agreed to do a website audit. He produced a succinct 6-page report which highlighted a fair number of issues that needed attention. After meeting to discuss each item in detail I gave the go ahead for him to do the work.

I was totally happy with the result and would have no hesitation in recommending Martin’s work. He is professional, easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable on WordPress..”

Jodie McGowan – Owner, Bronte ButterFish.com

“..I was planning a redesign and re-launch of BronteButterfish and asked Martin to customise a new theme to my requirements. He not only customised my new theme, he set up a business directory and provided ongoing advice and guidance on refocusing the site, improving the on-site SEO and improving the user experience for site visitors.

His knowledge of WordPress is extensive, as is his knowledge of generally working online, and I have no hesitation at all in recommending his services..”

Beverley Dunlop – Owner, STB Ballroom.com

“…I’ve recommended your service to several people already and will continue to do so, lets hope something will come out of it.

You’ve provided a first class service and all the free advice and assistance hasn’t gone unnoticed…”

Susan Bilheimer – Owner, SusanBilheimer.com

“…Too often, those who teach how to make money online overpromise and underdeliver. Martin’s approach is the opposite.

I stumbled on his site, I have no clue how. But his invaluable tips on marketing in his newsletter really resonated with me. And, rather than have him design my site, I requested that he impart some of that knowledge to me, and we struck a deal.

I learned more in that short time with Martin than from many to whom I’ve paid a grand fortune.

His no-nonsense, bottom line approach is all substance and no fluff. He taught me a great deal about using Thesis, which I hope to begin doing soon…”

Sandra Du Plessis – Owner, Home Safety For Kids

“… Some little while ago, I decided to split a rather large and unwieldy site into 3 WordPress sites.

I asked questions all over the place in the Warrior Forum and stumbled across Martin when he stepped forward to answer one of my questions.

To most people it is quite easy to set up if you understand these things. Of course, me being me I was more than slightly confused.

Back to Martin and his incredible patience. He created a custom style sheet for me, then tried to talk me through setting everything up correctly. Of course, I messed it up completely, but no problem, Martin went in and fixed it all up beautifully at absolutely no cost.

I recommend Martin and his services most highly.

Martin, thank you so much for your kindness and patience…”

Don Andrew – Owner, Follow-Me-Slim.com

“Hi Martin

I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in getting my blog up and running. I am delighted with the outcome.

Not only did you deliver on time exactly what we discussed before the project began, but I found you exceedingly pleasant to work with and thoroughly professional from start to finish.

Thank you for your time and for teaching me so much in such a short period. I consider myself technically inexperienced, yet at no point did you make me feel awkward or uncomfortable.

I would recommend your services to others without hesitation…”

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