Free Download: What You Really Need to Know about Setting up a Website for Your Business

Internet MarketingI’m often made aware of the level of knowledge that many business people have about what goes into setting up and promoting a website for their business.

It’s not high, and there’s no reason why it should be because their businesses are about structural engineering, hair-dressing, raising capital or selling bespoke jewellery – not about designing and promoting websites.

So here are some of the items that either I get asked about, or I ask customers about (and to which they often don’t have an immediate answer):

  • Who is your ideal customer? (This is more important than you may realise for a number of aspects relating to the site set up)
  • What domain name should I choose? (There are options but don’t try to be too creative)
  • What about hosting? (Domain names and hosting are different services, although often offered by the same company)
  • What kind of content should the site have?
  • How can I get visitors to the site? (If you don’t have visitors your site is simply an expense instead of the sales (or leads) channel it should be)
  • Can you guarantee to get my site to the top of the search results? (No, and anyone who tells you they can is kidding themselves (and you))

To address and explain these questions, and more, I’ve put together a simply worded guide on things you should know about setting up and promoting a website for a small- or medium-sized business.

It’s absolutely free and you can download it from the link below:

Click here to download your free guide.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Martin Malden

About the author: Martin Malden owns Abledragon, a WordPress agency that was established in 2009. Today it serves customers in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK. Abledragon websites are built for today’s Internet, with the mobile user in mind, and are known for security and speed. Successful Abledragon projects.