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In this section of the site we have set out products or services that Abledragon currently uses, or has used in the past, and which we have no hesitation in recommending to you.

We are affiliated with some of these products and, therefore, we do receive a small commission whenever someone buys them based on our recommendation. We have made it clear where we are eligible for a commission.

Hosting for WordPress websites

The hosting service on which your WordPress site resides is a crucial element in the site’s overall performance and has a major impact on page load speed, consistency of response time and the stability of the site.

Stability refers to scheduled events, such as scheduled posts, scheduled backups and so on, running when they should, as well as the availability of the site.

The cheap (or, worse still, free) hosting providers pack as many accounts onto each server as they can and restrict the server resources that are available to website owners. This, of course, has a detrimental effect on the overall website performance resulting in frequent outages, missed scheduled events and slow page load times.

Abledragon offers its own hosting service and we do so by renting server space from Siteground.

Our extensive experience of hosting providers, both from companies that we have used and through working with hosting providers used by our customers, tells us that Siteground is the best provider of hosting for WordPress websites that we have seen.

If you don’t want to use our Maintenance Services (if you do we will happily host your website) you can sign up with Siteground direct. The link below gives more information on Siteground and its offerings:

Click here for more information on Siteground.

Speed boosts (and security benefits) for WordPress websites

The speed at which your website pages load has been a major factor in how well it does in the search results for a long time now. So how can you make sure your site loads quickly and consistently for visitors that could be on the opposite side of the world from the server on which your site is hosted..?

The answer is a Content Distribution Network (CDN). As its name implies, users of a CDN service have copies of their content distributed around the globe so that wherever a site visitor is located when they access your site they are always loading it from the nearest possible access point.

In addition to the obvious benefit that offers, there are lots of additional benefits to using a CDN. To find out more:

Click here for more information on the benefits of CDNs

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