Protect Yourself Against Ransomware and Some Ways to Recover from an Attack

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A computer screen telling the owner their files have been encrypted and they have to pay to get access to them againI’ve written here, here and here about ransomware, probably the fastest growing type of cyber-crime at the moment, and steps you can take to protect yourself.

I talked about making sure you have backups of both your computer system and your data (stored off-line so they are safe from infection). As long as you have backups you still have your data and your system files, which you can restore to get yourself back in business.

But what happens if you’re a victim of ransomware and you don’t have backups?

You are faced with a potentially catastrophic loss of your data or, at the very least, an expensive process to recover it.

Help is at hand

Now, however, some help is at hand.

In no way does what I’ve written about below mean that you can relax your vigilance!

I recently discovered a website where you can get some help if you become the victim of a ransomware attack.

You can find it here.

The site gives a Q and A on ransomware, advice on protecting yourself from attack and also has decryption keys available for a number of different types of ransomware.

The most important message, though, is that they do not have decryption keys for all ransomware types and new types are being developed all the time, each one more sophisticated than the previous.

That is why you can never relax your vigilance

The information on that site gives a good introduction to ransomware, how to protect yourself and what to do if you become a victim. It is absolutely jargon-free and easy enough for even the least-technical person to understand.

I do recommend you read it and bookmark it for easy future reference. Even if you are already familiar with ransomware it’s always good to keep reading stuff to make sure you have the best and latest possible information. And do your friends a favour: pass that link to anyone who could use it..!

I’d also recommend you keep a copy of the link address safely on something other than your computer!

Stay safe online

Always remember that cyber-crime is growing at a rapid clip. You can never relax your vigilance.

You have to treat your computer and your website with the same type of security mindset that you would use to protect your home, car or business, particularly if you live in an urban environment.

You can never be too careful.

A short while ago I wrote an article listing 30 ways you can stay safe online – I recommend you take time to read through it, and do pass the link to anyone you know who may benefit from taking the steps I’ve set out.

Click here to read 30 ways to stay safe on line.

If you have any questions please get in touch:

Remain vigilant, exercise caution, be healthily sceptical of attachments in emails and stay safe,

Martin Malden

About the author: Martin Malden owns Abledragon, a WordPress agency that was established in 2009. Today it serves customers in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK. Abledragon websites are built for today’s Internet, with the mobile user in mind, and are known for security and speed. Successful Abledragon projects.