Set out below are brief descriptions of successful website development projects that Abledragon has completed for clients from a wide range of different industries and businesses.

The projects each feature different layouts and approaches.

These are based on the ‘style’ of the client’s industry and the individual client’s requirements.

At Abledragon we use an Agile Development process. This means that we will do the development in short ‘sprints’ and get your involvement at each stage.

Working collaboratively with you, incorporating our suggestions with your preferences, helps to ensure that you are completely happy with the final result.

Here are some of our recent projects

In each case we have given a brief summary of the problem faced by our customer and the solution we delivered:

CryptAM – Financial Investment Industry – Digital Assets

CryptAM image

Note: this project was developed by Abledragon operating as a sub-contractor to Velocity Solutions Limited, a Hong Kong based Information Technology and Services company


The client was a recently established company with a basic website that had served them through the first 18 months of their operation. However, it did not render well on hand-held devices because it was not responsive and the client wanted something that was professionally done that they could update themselves easily as and when they needed to.

Because the client is in the digital investment industry the site had to blend a modern, clean appearance and give site visitors an impression of stability and security.


Abledragon built their new website from the ground up, going through a number of iterations until the client was happy with the look and feel.

The site is, of course, fully responsive and renders well on screens of all sizes.

Animation was built into some of the pages and a two-level slider gallery was set up where the top level displayed rotating hero images from different events at which the client had presented. Clicking one of the hero images in this top-level slider takes the site visitor to a second slider gallery of rotating images from the specific event represented by the hero image.

Integration with an email service provider was built in so the client could capture name and email address details and add these to a mailing list.

Karl Mayer Preowned – Light Industrial

Karl Mayer Preowned Machinery

Note: this project was developed by Abledragon operating as a sub-contractor to Velocity Solutions Limited, a Hong Kong based Information Technology and Services company


Karl Mayer Preowned is a subsidiary of Karl Mayer Textilmaschinen GmbH, based in Germany. The company makes commercial knitting machines that produce everything from lace and lingerie through to fishing nets and vehicle seat covers – basically any kind of net that does not involve knots to create the mesh.

Karl Mayer Preowned created a new business unit in 2015 that operates a market place for used machines – a location where companies could either list or buy used Karl Mayer machines.

As such, they needed a website that was clearly ‘Karl Mayer’ but not a replica of the parent company website.

The site needed to include a product catalogue that prospective buyers could browse and companies wishing to promote their machines could do so. Karl Mayer machines fall into numerous different categories, so there had to be a search function on the catalogue that would enable browsers to filter the type of machine they were interested in.

There also needed to be a registration form that enabled machine owners to sign up for various promotion strategies


A fully responsive site was developed that drew heavily on the parent company site for key branding features but was sufficiently distinct to impart the feeling that this was a subsidiary operation.

The site includes a product catalogue that met the search and display requirements of the company. A comprehensive and detailed form was developed enabling machine owners to sign up for one of 6 promotional options. This form included sliding scale discounts based on both the number of machines to be promoted and the required promotional period. The total price is calculated and displayed dynamically, based on the options selected.

The site is dual language (English and Chinese).

Abledragon provides hosting for this site, along with ongoing security monitoring, software updates and site technical support to ensure that it’s always operating smoothly.

Touches – advertising industry, post production video editing

touches image


The client had no website and needed one. As a provider of post production video editing services they needed a highly visual site on which they could show off clips of TV advertisements they had finished for clients. They also needed a simple user interface through which non-technical staff could easily upload, categorise and manage new advertisements as they were completed, without having to use FTP or any other technical solution. As many of their clients are in China the site also had to be dual language (English and Chinese).


Abledragon completed the dual language design to the client’s requirements and developed a PHP based application with a simple user-interface through which the client’s clerical staff could up load videos into different categories, move videos between categories and remove videos as necessary, all without the need for any technical knowledge.

JPCam – fashion and jewellery industry

JP Cam image


The client had an old Flash-based website that was difficult to read on desktops or laptops, and did not display on mobile devices. This was a problem given that more than half of site visits are now made on mobile devices! The new site needed to be responsive, and to present a high end, regal, image. None of the web-ready images were available, so all the images had to be edited from the raw originals, none of which had transparent backgrounds.


Abledragon edited all the images used on the site to reduce them in size and create transparent backgrounds without losing the quality of the original. We also re-created the site logo from original images that were simply black on a white background. The re-created site is now fully responsive (as are all the sites we now build) and displays well on mobile devices.

Flopeeze Footwear – casual footwear industry

Flopeeze image


The client had an old, non-responsive website that displaid poorly on mobile devices. Given the growth of mobile visitors globally and Google’s move in April 2015 to penalise websites that were not mobile-friendly, it was important to them that they had a fully responsive website – especially as they have a shop on the site which provides a large portion of the revenue to the business.

Further, when the original website was set up the URL structure that was used was very poor – it was obstructive to the search engines, making for a poor SEO structure, and this was restricting the amount of visitor traffic from the search engines.


Abledragon created a new, fully responsive design and layout that displays well on all devices, from large 23 inch (or greater) monitors down to hand-held smartphones. In addition, we cleaned up the entire website structure and re-formatted their link formats to make the site much more effective from an SEO view point.

We provide ongoing security monitoring, software updates and technical support for this website to ensure that it’s always performing at its best and bringing a strong and growing stream of revenue to the business.

Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong – Food and Beverage Industry

Ruby Tuesday screenshot


The client was in the process of significantly refreshing its menu across its 5 locations in Hong Kong, as well as moving to a prime waterfront location in one of them. Their existing site had been designed in 2013, when mobile was not the factor it is today (80% of the client’s visitor traffic is now on mobile).

Further, it had been heavily customised, which made introducing a second language (Chinese) difficult. The effect of the customisation approach was to tie much of the content to the design – meaning that if the design (or theme) was changed a lot of the content would be lost. Finally, the site grew overtime from 2013 to 1.5GB (zipped) – pretty big.

They were looking for a site that rendered well and consistently on mobile and was fully bi-lingual. The design had to be influenced by the US Ruby Tuesday site (the client holds the franchise for Hong Kong and Macau), so this had to drive the selection of colours and fonts.


Rather than attempt to redesign the existing site, Abledragon developed a new site and design from scratch, using a ‘mobile first’ approach. This enabled us to keep the content and the design separate, which gives the client more flexibility to change the design in the future.

Further, the separation of design from content made it much easier to incorporate the second language and, finally, the size of the new website shrank to 160MB

Abledragon delivered the fully bi-lingual (Chinese and English), ‘mobile-first’ site on time and below budget. We also provide ongoing security monitoring, security patches, software updates and technical support.

What’s on Weekly – Entertainment Industry

What's on Weekly


The client was starting a new project and needed a website to showcase their reviews and articles.

They have a weekly theme approach but there are only four entertainment categories that they address, so there was a need to use taxonomies to correlate articles written for the weekly themes (of which are there six) with the four categories.

They wanted visitors to be able to move between articles in a theme, but which could be in different categories, quickly and easily, and to be able to easily return to the theme they were browsing, or continue in the new category, as they wished.

Additionally, they required that the recent posts for each entertainment category were grouped separately on the home page.


Abledragon worked with the client through several iterations of design and layout to arrive at the solution they were looking for, and now provides ongoing maintenance and support for the website.

Lantau Network – a local business membership site

Lantau Network screenshot


A business community site was planned for Lantau (Hong Kong) businesses and they needed a website that would fulfil a range of functions in support of local businesses.

This was a completely new endeavour, and it needed to relate to local businesses and local residents.


Abledragon designed the site from scratch to work seamlessly on any device and, as a result, it is clear, intuitive and very fast-loading.

The site provides mini websites for each member, with multiple pages for each business that introduce the business and showcases each of their products.

It combines a members’ directory, a paid membership function, an events function, a media section offering video and image galleries from local businesses and a range of tutorials on marketing online.

While offering enough content to showcase local businesses, the tutorials are restricted to paid members.

Nuoxin Capital – Capital markets, financial services industry

Nuoxin Capital


The client’s company had recently been acquired and re-branded, so they needed a new website that would act as an ‘online brochure’ and meet the requirements of the Hong Kong SFC.

In addition, even though the Hong Kong site was to have its own branding, there needed to be sufficient similarity to the parent company’s site to maintain a connection.


The new site was developed as a long-form, single-page site, with each section having a different background colour. Clicking a menu item at the top causes the page to scroll smoothly down to the relevant section. The menu and company logo is always visible at the top of the page, which maintains the branding and enables easy, convenient navigation for site visitors.

The site is, of course, fully mobile responsive.

Missco Girl – Fashion Handbags and Clutches for Women

Missco Girl


This was an existing eCommerce site, using Woo Commerce, which had been developed with a lot of completely unnecessary core code customisations, something that should always be avoided. The result was that the longer time went on the more problems the site developed. Eventually key items of functionality simply stopped working, losing sales and revenue for the client.

Further, the presentation of the site was poor, most particularly in the font line spacing, which was too close to read comfortably, and the use of too many colours. Both these factors gave the site a dated and cluttered look and feel.


Abledragon re-designed and re-built the site using Thesis, the design platform we use, and eliminating all core code customisation. We addressed the over use of colours and the poor line spacing which greatly improved the appearance and readability of the site, while retaining the core design concepts and appearance. The site is immediately familiar to returning visitors, but they will notice a cleaner, more contemporary appearance.

Eliminating all the core code customisations means that all elements of the site are on the upgrade path. This means the site will benefit from all security updates as well as new feature updates that are released by WordPress or the various plugin developers.

Abledragon provides ongoing security monitoring, technical support and maintenance for this site.

CIO-Connect Hong Kong – Information Technology Advisory Services

CIO Connect Screenshot


CIO Connect is the premier advisory service dedicated to CIOs and other technology leaders in Hong Kong.

CIO Connect has branches in the UK and Singapore, both of which were branded similarly, but their existing Hong Kong website was branded completely differently.

The requirement was to re-brand the site, keeping a branding similarity with the UK and Singapore sites, but with local nuances. As part of this it was necessary to create a number of different page layout templates to accommodate the Hong Kong management’s requirements.


Abledragon developed the site to CIO-Connect’s requirements, linking the Team profile pictures to specific sections within a Team Background page and, from there, to each individual’s LinkedIn profile.

The site is fully responsive, and so renders correctly on any screen size from a large desktop to a hand-held device.

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