New Windows 10 Users Beware !

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Windows 10 LogoThis is not really related to websites or working online, however, a heads up for new migrants to Windows 10 . . .

I migrated a month or so ago and deliberately did not activate Cortana and any of the other functions that require you to have a Microsoft Account.

All was well and I continued to log on to my machine each morning with the account details I had used on Windows 7. Happy me.

Then, foolish me, I wanted to install a Lenovo utilities app that I could only get from the Microsoft Store. And to do that I needed to log in to the store with my Microsoft Account. (I’ve had one for years for my Bing PPC work).

So, without thinking any more of it, I logged in and installed the app. (Don’t bother, by the way, it’s completely useless – it must be Lenovo employees who gave it those 5 stars).

Anyway, I re-start the machine in order to tidy up everything. Up comes the login screen and I type in my details – but I’m locked out: password incorrect..!!


Windows 10 had decided that, from that moment on, I had to log in with my Microsoft Account, not my local computer account – and it had not given me so much as the vaguest hint that it was changing my login details before I re-started the machine.

Now I was completely stuck because I use a password manager that stores all my passwords securely and logs in for me.

So I had no clue what my Microsoft Account password was.

And, since I couldn’t access the computer, I couldn’t access my password manager.

I spent 20 minutes screaming obscenities at Microsoft (but only the neighbours could hear me – I’ll have to apologise tomorrow).

How could they (Microsoft) be such arrogant, stupid, controlling, thoughtless ARSEHOLES..!!!

Then I calmed down.

Luckily, I’m fastidious about backups (I may have mentioned this before!). Luckily I include my password manager in my backup routine. Luckily, I have another machine here.

Long story short, I was able to retrieve my Microsoft password from the password manager.

But first I had to re-install it (the password manager) on the other machine. Once I had re-installed it and retrieved my password, I was able to regain access to my main machine and tell it that I will not be using my Microsoft account again.

I hate Microsoft, Apple and all these companies that try to lock you in and control your life – the ‘Apple Ecosystem’ should be subjected to some extremely serious warming.

But to change my login details, without giving me the slightest hint, is totally outrageous.

So beware, new migrants to Windows 10 – you could find yourself locked out of your machine without warning.

(And I cannot think of a clearer example of why backups are so important!)


Martin Malden

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