Hacking of Websites up by 32% in 2016 – Google

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Think your website is too small to be hacked..? Think again:

Google reported recently on its webmasters blog in the section on the State of Website Security in 2016 that the number of websites hacked during 2016 was 32% higher than in 2015.

As I’ve written before on this site: hacking websites is one of the few genuine growth industries around today, and this report illustrates that that trend shows no sign of slowing.

Another comment from Google (same article):

As hackers get more aggressive and more sites become outdated, hackers will continue to capitalize by infecting more sites.

Translation: at the same time as the hackers are becoming more aggressive, website owners are generally becoming less vigilant: essentially they are not keeping software updated with the latest security patches.

Of course, this may be because as more apps that enable people to get online without any coding skills become available, the more the general level of awareness of the myriad ways in which sites can be hacked is dropping.

As, of course, is the knowledge and understanding of the steps that must be taken to protect against a hack.

Part of being a good citizen, in the real world, is taking the appropriate steps to preserve the quality of your neighbourhood. That principle also applies to online citizens and it means that those who do not take appropriate protective measures against the hackers are allowing them to grow and prosper, to the detriment of everyone.

Those are not good net citizens.

Of course, no website can ever be 100% secure against hackers, as the successful hacks on Government websites and high profile commercial websites have clearly demonstrated. But that is no reason not to take all possible precautions.

After all, there will always be break-ins and robberies in real life, but you wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked and your windows open every time you leave your home empty.

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