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WordPress Training

A Business training session

Setting up a basic website is easy. Making it into a successful one is not.

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has grown into a flexible, powerful, user-friendly platform that now runs more than 40% of the world’s websites.

We have been WordPress users and developers since 2006 and, today, every website we develop is built on WordPress.

There are many good, pre-made WordPress courses and tutorials available online, so we don’t do those.

Instead, we offer personalised, one-on-one training and support, where we address your specific, individual needs and requirements.

There are no minimum training periods: whether you want 1 hour or 20 hours is entirely up to you. You just pay us at the end of each session and you can arrange further sessions as and when you want to.

And, if you prefer, we will make training videos to meet your specific needs. Once these are complete, and we’ve received payment, you can download them so you have your own permanent reference point.

If you want to see how to get the best out of WordPress we can help you to:

  • Discover how to configure your WordPress site for maximum effectiveness
  • Discover how to make the best use of widgets
  • Discover the benefits (and perils) of plugins
  • Discover how to make changes to style and layout
  • Discover how to make your site more secure against hackers
  • Discover how to configure your page content for maximum effectiveness in the search engines
  • Discover how to optimise your website for fast page-load times

… and we can help with pretty much any other problems you may be having.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who would like the independence of building and managing your own website on WordPress, we can give you the support you need to get you started in the right way.

Get in touch – we’d love to help you turn your website into the source of pride (and success!) that it can be:

Common indications of underlying problems

WordPress tweaks graphicThere are many reasons why your WordPress website may not be performing correctly. When it’s properly set up, WordPress websites operate quickly and smoothly.

Here are some indicators that there are some underlying problems:

  • Slow page-load times
  • Instability – sometimes pages load quickly and sometimes not
  • The pages jump around as they load
  • Unexpected text appears at the top of pages
  • You get PHP warnings
  • The page layout is not consistent, with some elements out of place
  • Your pages display badly on mobile devices

If you’re experiencing any of those symptoms with your WordPress website, or you’re worried it’s not being as effective as it could be, we can help:

By the way, it’s often helpful to read what others have said about the service we provide – especially as we are, without doubt, biased! If that would be interesting please click here.