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General Hints and Tips

A person giving tips and hintsThis series of articles focuses on general hints and tips that will strip away some of the jargon and mystique around working online.

They focus on ways to avoid getting ripped off and offer information that will help you make good decisions about setting up a small business website.

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Website Hosting
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“. . . Just a simple design,” they said. “An all-white background with a gallery below, of course the menu, our logo and a search function. . .” I have had many variations of that ‘definition of requirements’ over the years and, these days, I generally walk away from them. What they are actually saying… Read more

We are delighted to announce that we’ve moved our hosting business to Siteground. Apart from its top quality, superfast servers, Siteground focuses on the highest level of security protection and the highest levels of customer service – which exactly matches our focus here at Abledragon. From Siteground: Our security experts constantly monitor for WordPress related… Read more

I wrote back here about why doing things on the cheap (particularly important things) is a false economy. Today I have another example of how easy it is for the cheap option to end up costing you more. I was approached by a company that, in order to save money, had asked an acquaintance to… Read more

Why would your website’s page-load time be important. . ? Apart from the obvious answer (that people won’t hang around if your page takes an age to load), it’s an increasingly important factor in the algorithms Google and Bing use to rank your website’s pages in the search results. For visitors using mobile devices it’s… Read more

This is not really related to websites or working online, however, a heads up for new migrants to Windows 10 . . . I migrated a month or so ago and deliberately did not activate Cortana and any of the other functions that require you to have a Microsoft Account. All was well and I… Read more

There’s a question that has come up more than once! The answer, of course, is that a WordPress website can be cheap – if cheap is what you want. But, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Here’s how a WordPress site can be cheap: Find and sign up for… Read more

DNS stands for Domain Name Server – and, normally, you wouldn’t care. Unless, that is, you wanted to buy an already-registered domain from someone, or move your website to a new hosting provider. But let’s start from the top: Domain names and website hosting are two different services although, in many cases, they are provided… Read more

I’m often made aware of the level of knowledge that many business people have about what goes into setting up and promoting a website for their business. It’s not high, and there’s no reason why it should be because their businesses are about structural engineering, hair-dressing, raising capital or selling bespoke jewellery – not about… Read more

I know you want the cheapest price possible for your new website design but, unfortunately, you usually get what you pay for. If you want something professionally done, that works reliably, gets you the visitors you want and benefits your business, you are going to have to pay, I’m afraid. That said, here are some… Read more

“Why should I pay for a website when I can set up a free page on Facebook?” That’s a line I’ve heard more than once over the past couple of years! Here’s my response: Would you pay for a major redecoration job on an apartment you only rented? You would be paying for the privilege… Read more

If you’re going to sell stuff from your website then you need a means to take payment, and that’s done through a payment gateway. The best known online payment gateway is PayPal – it’s easy to set up and it’s familiar to millions of people. And this familiarity is important. Many people are still reluctant… Read more

Why Cheap is Expensive

Trying to get things done on the cheap inevitably ends up being the most expensive option, because you have to pay extra to fix the things that should have worked properly in the first place. Nowhere is this truer than when you’re setting up a website for your company, so let’s look at some of… Read more

When I talk to new businesses in industries that aren’t related to the Internet – F & B, Accountancy, Investment Services, etc – I come across a couple of myths that it’s worth dispelling right now. So here goes: The myth: You can pay to get a better position in the search results The truth… Read more

One of the things you need to set up when you create a website for your small business is a domain name. Your domain name is your business’ online address, and it comprises 2 parts: The name itself A Top Level Domain (TLD) – .com Is the most well-known one Domain names do have an… Read more

One of the tools of the trade you need when you get a website for your business is a server on which to store it. Luckily this is neither expensive nor complicated because there are legions of web hosting service providers queuing up to grab your business. Do beware, though: you’ll see offers of free… Read more