Ways to Market and Promote Your Business Online

Blue sky marketing - light bulbs on a beachThis series of articles looks at ways you can market and promote your business online without wasting tons of money – which is very easy to do if you get it wrong!

There are many ways to promote a website, both paid and unpaid, and these articles touch on many of them.

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Website Hosting
Hosting is the foundation on which websites are built – give your site a foundation of rock and get a great performance boost (at a great price!): click here.

Is the design of your website losing you sales?

I’ve worked with a number of people whose focus when they talk about the design of their website is purely on aesthetics. But they’re missing the point: graphics and colours are only a part of website design – and not the most important part, either. Why? Because they are subjective. Graphics and colours that one… Read more

Is your customer journey losing you sales?

I recently took delivery of a new laptop – a top of the range, powerful workhorse, with Windows 10 preinstalled. And before I had added even one program I had to do a complete reset – the full monty kind: delete everything and start again by reinstalling Windows. Why? Because as I was configuring the… Read more

Re-theming and re-branding a beauty blog – interim case study

The reason for describing this interim case study here is to give an indication of how we work at Abledragon – giving as much free advice as possible and explaining in detail why we are taking whatever steps we take. Hopefully it’s useful! I’ve just finished a project with a beauty blogger in which they… Read more

Facebook or a Dedicated Website – Which Does Your Business Need?

Some time ago I explained why a business should not rely on Facebook for its online presence (you can read why here), but there are, in fact, businesses that thrive very well with only a Facebook presence. One of them is my local pub. Let me be clear: all the reasons I listed in that… Read more

How Upgrading Your Website Can Stop You Losing Business

As the web moves to mobile it’s becoming ever more important to ensure that your website renders well on screens of all sizes. We recently did a redesign for a local hair and beauty salon whose old site was just that – old (and not responsive). Cherdchai’s previous website was nearly 4 years old and… Read more

Why Small Businesses Should be Selling Online and How to Get Started

Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend in the US, saw online sales totalling US$1.98 Billion this year, a 17% increase over 2011, and IBIS World research forecasts online revenue growing at 8.6% a year over the next five years. Compare that to the GDP growths of most major economies, which is somewhere in the… Read more

How to Make Your Website do Well in the Search Results

I’m often told by clients that they want me to make sure their website pops up at the top of the search results. One client had a group of investors in San Francisco and their sole criterion for whether the site was any good or not was whether it was returned in the first position… Read more

Should You Have a Blog on Your Business Website?

A blog can be a powerful addition to your small business website, but only if you know how you want to use it and you carry out your plan. There’s little benefit to having a blog where the most recent update was 2 years ago and comments left by your readers (and, possibly, your customers)… Read more

Internet Marketing 101: How Not to Waste your Money

Unfortunately websites don’t market themselves. There are so many millions of websites out there now, thousands of them promoting the same or very similar goods or services, that to maximise the effectiveness of your website at attracting new business takes some thought and planning. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if… Read more

18 Simple, Non-Technical Ways to get More Visitors from the Search Engines

For most small businesses your website should be a source of new business. Because of that, you need your website to figure well in the search results so that new customers find you when they search for what you’re selling. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is often thought of as a mysterious, complicated subject (and you… Read more

Email Marketing is Dead (or is it?)

You hear it every now and then: Email marketing is dead It happened when RSS first became big and, again, when social media took off. But is it really? I don’t think so. Selling successfully online requires that you overcome a major difference from traditional selling: your prospect cannot see you. When they can see… Read more