Speed Up Your Site

cloudflare logoThe speed at which your website pages load has been a factor in its performance in the search results for a long time now. Way back, somewhere around 2011, Google declared speed to be good.

Today, with the steady move to mobile surfing, speed just gets ever more important.

Abledragon has used Cloudflare for some time, both on our site and on our customers’ sites, to do two things:

  1. Speed up page load times
  2. Make page load times more consistent

I wrote an article some time ago that set out the results we saw on this website from implementing Cloudflare.

But Cloudflare does more than just speed up your website. It adds security by:

  1. Shielding your website from Denial of Service attacks
  2. Blocking visitors with suspicious request rates (those would be bots trying to access your site)
  3. Making it easy to set up HTTPS
  4. Providing a Web Application Firewall to stop malicious threats before they even reach your server

The basic Cloudflare service is free of charge and we do recommend that you seriously consider this. For even more speed and security features there are various monthly subscription options, which are definitely worth reviewing.

For more details on how Cloudflare works do read this article.

And to sign up for Cloudflare click this link.

If you have any questions on our experiences with Cloudflare do please get in touch: