How We Can Help and Who We Are

We offer a one-stop-solution for your website needs: a bespoke-designed or re-designed website, domain name registration, hosting, plus security monitoring, software maintenance and technical support plans.

How will our designs help your business?

Responsive Website Design

We start from the premise that a website has a job to do, whether that be selling goods, selling services, getting people to sign up for a newsletter or whatever.

In order to do its job there must be a conversion page, where the visitor takes the action you want them to take – and the website fulfills its purpose.

So the objective of the design is to get the visitor to the conversion page from which ever page they entered the site, as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We call this the customer journey.

However, your site visitors, at least the ones you want to convert, are mostly humans and humans have a habit of doing what they want, rather than what you want!

So the second element we focus on is how to make the site as intuitive as possible. We want people to be able to find the information they’re interested in quickly and easily. And then return to the customer journey.

We call this the user experience.

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Graphic describing the web user experienceCreating the user experience and the customer journey requires thought and experience. It takes a while to come up with the smoothest possible customer journey and, once you have created it, changing it takes detailed analysis and thorough testing.

If you think back to websites you have abandoned in frustration in the past, it is likely to be because you were not able to find the information you needed or there was no obvious way to take the next step.

In most cases it will not have been because of the colours and graphics, although some animations I’ve come across have caused me to head for the back button..!

Colours, graphics and (to a slightly lesser extent) layouts are quick and easy to change – it’s just a question of changing a colour code, editing a template or replacing an image. Much quicker and easier than changing the customer journey or user experience.

That’s why our focus is on those two elements first. For a longer explanation read this article.

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Why should you choose us?

A clear light bulbBecause we will build you a website that pays its way.

We recommend clean, simple designs – from the philosophy that the best design is the least design possible.

The way people use the internet today is very different from what it was not so long ago.

Today people surf on hand-held devices and they want clear, easily understood information as quickly as possible.

When web surfers want to browse they go to their social media accounts. When they want to achieve something they go to a website, do what they went there to do and then go back to their social media accounts.

So we strongly recommend clean, clear, fast-loading websites that get visitors to the information they need as quickly as possible.

These are the kinds of websites that pay their way by meeting or beating their objectives.

Finally, we are totally transparent in what we do and why we are doing it. All along the way we pass on as much knowledge and information as we can because we believe this builds trust and leads to a better working relationship.

Who we are

Martin MaldenLed by Martin Malden, we’re based in Hong Kong and we also serve customers in Australia, the US and the UK.

If you’re not in Hong Kong we use Skype, Zoom and our development sites to work with you, as if we were face-to-face, to create the design you’re looking for. All you need is a decent Internet connection!

We are a small company and we pride ourselves on delivering a highly personal service in which, in addition to building your bespoke design WordPress-based website, we offer advice and guidance on all aspects of running an effective website – you get a lot more than just a website!

We also operate a sister site to this one, focused specifically on security for WordPress websites. Cyber-crime is growing at an ever faster rate and it’s important that everyone operating a WordPress based website understands the threats and how to defend against them.

If you’re running a WordPress based website we do recommend you take a look and make sure you’re doing everything you can to strengthen your site’s defences. Click here to view the site.

We build all our websites on WordPress (the most widely used content management system on the web today) – and we have been WordPress users and developers since 2006.

We love WordPress, and we only do WordPress – we like to stay focused!

How Abledragon can help:

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Here is how we work with you

We have great website skills, but we are not mind-readers!

Therefore, we learn as much as we can from you about your likes, wants and needs and we blend this with our knowledge, skills and experience.

When we get the go-ahead from you, we build your website on one of our development domains and give you a link so you can see how it looks. We then work collaboratively with you to discuss and make changes in order to arrive at the exact solution you’re looking for, combined with web best-practices.

We have found this process to consistently result in the best outcomes.

Here are some benefits of working with us:

  • We use an Agile Development process. This means that you are involved throughout the development process, providing feedback and approval at each stage, which helps to ensure you are completely happy with the final result
  • Your site will be set up with additional security built in, which will greatly reduce the chances of it being hacked
  • Your site will be fully optimised for the search engines, which will mean that it will figure as well as possible in the search results, bringing you more new business
  • Your site will load fast which will improve your visitors’ experience and your search results performance
  • We provide advice and guidance on Internet Marketing promotion strategies

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